born on 1952 june 6 in Eisenstadt (Austria)
living in Buchschachen, Burgenland

Wolfgang Horwath does not follow a previously decided formular for his paintings. He does not lay a structural mask over his depictions, but forms his theme through discursive opposition of line and meaning. This meaning is recognizable as a fragmented construction, a kind of sign language as an analogy of changing, actual, wordly processes.
However, this spontaneous construction leads to subliminal, spacious colour harmonies, on which symbols float. Through this harmony chaos is calmed. (...) The clear opposition of deconstruction an construction within the work of art always points towards an exterior, which this discourse can lay open. ...

„Nike“ New Art in Europe - text Dieter Rehm

... The combination of these partial realities as texts und images ist oftentimes made by way of the formal element of overlapping, the erasure of segments by writing or drawing over something. As an association, this refers to the forms of mediaeval palimpsests on the one hand – handwritten scripts that were rewritten and erased many times, thus saving numerous layers of text – and the appearance of graffiti on mostly urban walls on the other. In these cases, different situative massages are overlapping each other as well, as do text structures und images of all kinds. A common structure is developped, which combines various trace situations: a combination of appeals, signs of perception, and personal notes of experiences. ...

Peter Assmann

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